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Lina Stalyte

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Issued from Jazz, Gospel and Soul environment Lithuanian singer-songwriter comes to Paris to conquer people's hearts with her music.


Lina Stalyte is a jazz singer-songwriter living in Paris. She started her musical journey in Lithuania, where she comes from. She grew up in a little town called Mazeikiai. After graduating from a higher school Lina decided to study Psychology. After her studies she took a one year break and went for a trip through Europe to find her future city. After beautiful stays in Stockholm and Barcelona, Lina ended up in Paris effortlessly. She says that the city virtually invited her to stay. She has been accepted in several jazz music schools, have found a place to stay, people to play with and the venues welcoming her in to perform.

In May 2016, she released her EP “Stalyte” with soul jazz influences.

Emotive with a bright voice is what remarks Lina from other singers. Lina writes about love, human relationships and their stories. If you would put a guitar into her hands or ask her to sit down at the piano, Lina would tell you a passionate story of Joni Mitchell, subtly transmit the melancholy of Billy Holiday and blow you up with a passion for Sade. From a folk music cocoon Lina turned into a soul/jazz singer who carries a big love for Afro-American jazz music. Today Lina works with different styles such as jazz, gospel, soul and R’n’B musicians.

You can easily recognize Lina because of her sparkling energy. She is courageous, crazy about life and continuously searching for beauty in people's hearts, music and world. This girl will not let any chance for her joy to slip out of her hands – she is taking all her chances and musical adventures 100% seriously, after which she goes to people and tells them how beautiful she sees the world.



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